In this particular page we have mentioned how we maintain the privacy of all the data you provide us. We are very much concerned about the data protection. Changes may occur in this page on regular basis and this is why please have a look frequently to remain updated.

Our Collection

You will provide us some of the personal information which is required for us to identify you. This information may be like your first name and surname, postal address, occupation, title, contact information, Postal address, your interests and others. This information is required to provide you any sort of services and for carrying out any sort of required transactions.

Internal Records

We keep these records for the constant improvement of our services. We can provide you information about our latest products, services, offers, and market research etc. We will contact you through your fax, phone and e-mail. We will also use all this information to customize the website as you require it to be.


We maintain certain rules and regulations to keep the confidentiality of the information you provide. We will take your consent before sharing any sort of information. With your consent we can share the information you have provided with our partners and resellers. We can also use the information if we found that you are interfering with any of our other users or you are violating any of the terms and conditions.


You can remain hundred percent assure about the fact that the information you provide us will be absolutely secure. We have put all required managerial, electronic, and physical procedures to keep your information safe and secure.

Use of Cookies

We will use the cookies to check out the only information which you want to share with us. This file will be in your computer hard-drive, and it can only be used if you permit us.

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