Not used for any illegal purpose

We will not provide you permission to use any of our content for any illegal use such as piracy, web hosting, commercial email which is unsolicited, spam, hacking activities and others. We will terminate you if we found any such activities without providing you any sort of refund.


We will take the charges of the project we will do for you as per the current price plan. However, if any of our client has a specific agreement for the price with us, they can pay us accordingly. Payment of GST will be mandatory in case of all the services.

Child Pornography

If Unibiz discovers any sort of child pornography in any of the services which we will provide you we will terminate your account on immediate effect without providing you any refund. We will pass all your personal details to Law and Enforcement department. We will provide complete support to the department for any sort charges they put on you.

Malicious Activities

Unibiz will now allow any sort of malicious activities like password cracking, spoofing, sniffing, denial of services and others. If we found any such activity, we will immediately terminate your account and we will make the involvement of the law enforcement authority if we find it necessary to do.

Web Hosting Services

We have a very strict restrictions on web hosting service. We have designed it to maintain performance, security and integrity. If you fail to maintain this, we may suspend your account.

Unlimited Hosting

Unibiz will not provide you unlimited space for storing online content, log files, archive of any electronic file, email, backups and others. If we find any such activity, we will terminate your account on immediate basis.

Transactional SMS

We will not allow any sort of promotional SMSs also.

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